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Epoxy 100% waterproof LED underwater swimming Pool Light HT002C-P
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Lighting & Electrical  -  LED Light
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EX-Work Shunde
50  Piece
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basic info

1. Typical features:
 (1) Our lights are filled epoxy inside the lamp, whiches make the lights 100% waterproof;
(2)  Got CE certificate for the lights, can give three year guarantee for the resin pool lights;
(3) Multi color changable, can be controlled by the remote controller;
(4) High temperature protection guarantees the long life of LED;
(5) No niche, easy to install;
(6) 17W(252leds are available.

 2. Parameter:
Working Temperature -20C to +80C
Working Humidity 10% to 90% RH
Electric Parameter
Input Voltage AC/DC12V
Input Current 1000mA
Dynamic Current < 800mA
Power 17W to 20W

3. Color Mode (16 programs of RGB LED bulb):
1. White: sun white
2. Red: one color red
3. Green: one color green
4. Blue: one color blue
5. Green-blue: fixed color green/blue
6. Red-green: fixed color red/green
7. Blue-red: fixed color blue-red
8. Evening sea: slow animation red/blue
9. Evening rivers: slow animation red/green
10. Riviera: slow animation green/blue
11. White: neutral white
12. Rainbow: slow animation blue/red/green
13. River of colors: program 12, followed by program 15
14. Disco: fast animation
15. Four seasons: slow animation in red/blue/green/violet
16. Party: fast animation

4. Description:

 This is a high technology electronic controlled light based on LED’s in three colors: red, green and blue. These three base colors together can produce many other colors to create the perfect atmosphere in the pool. Any of the16preprogrammed effects can be selected with the on/off switch of your pool lights. The LED’s can also be warm white only or natural  white only. The LED’s are driven by constant current. The technology of True PWM is adopted on the lights. High  temperature protection makes the LED’s be protected while the internal temperature reaches a high level. All these  technologies guarantee long working life of the LED lamps.  fully with resin, the lights are completely waterproof, and they must be used / operated while fully submerged underwater only.

5. Installation:

All lamps should be placed on the wall of the pool at approximately 700mm below the water surface, in areas that are  easily accessible from the upper edge of the pool.It is highly recommended to use the underwater cable gland
 All lamps should be installed on the same transformer and switch.
• The lamp is supplied with cable of 2m, 4m, 6m, 10m, 16m or 20m according to the need of the user, making it possible  to install multiple lamps connected to a single junction box.Dissemble the bracket from the back of the lamp. Place the bracket over the desired location, mark the holes, drill the  holes, insert the roll plugs, and fasten the bracket on the pool wall using the stainless steel screws provided. Wind the  cable behind the lamp, and then fasten the lamp on the bracket. See drawings on last page for more detail.


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